He Is Risen

I am not a poet. Not by any means.
However, I wanted to share the words that I joyfully shared with my sorority sisters last week. As I explained to them… I had an Easter “speech” written up, but God placed these words, this poem, into my head. These words, although fewer than the ones I had previously written, encompass everything I wanted and needed to say.
Shared a day late, yes. But these words are true yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Celebrating Christ’s victory over death is not just meant for one day a year. We have the opportunity to rejoice in this truth every day….

I love Christmas,
I really do,
Of the story of our Savior,
Born for me and you.
I love to think
of His matchless love,
Of the life He lived,
Sent straight from above.
I love the cross,
That He died on for me,
Paying for my sin,
And making me free.
But perhaps it’s Easter Sunday,
That’s just got to win,
Because an empty grave,
Meant He wasn’t like other men.
There have been many heroes,
Ones of honor and pride,
But their story is different,
They lived… but they died.
 But Jesus, My Savior
My God, & My King,
“He’s Risen! He’s Risen!”
We can all gladly sing.
It’s a story of life,
Not of death you see,
For because of His rising,
There’s hope of eternal life
for you… and for me.
-Darbey Madden

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