See Ya When I See Ya

I will be away from the keyboard for awhile this summer, so I thought I should write a quick see ya later!
Some of you might know that I worked at Kanakuk, a Christian based sports camp, last summer. Well, I loved it so much I’m heading back! …TODAY! I am extremely excited and prayerfully expecting the Lord to do BIG things at our camp for both our kids, our staff, as well as myself! I request prayer more than anything else. If you could send some prayers up whenever the thought crossed your mind, I would be so grateful! Pray that God would guide my every step and every word, continually re-boosting me with energy! Also prayers for both the kids and staff in that our hearts can be opened to serve one another and softened to be transformed by God’s word! I’m sure I will be back with so many stories and posts with what God has taught me. So stay tuned — I’ll try to keep y’all updated on my breaks! 🙂

I would LOVE for any and all to write me while I’m away….

793 K-West Dr.
Lampe, MO 65681

But to hold you over until my return… 😉 Here’s a teaser of what’s to come on The Overflowing Heart!

I’ve really been meaning to make a post centered around this quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton

“And the more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.”

So much I’d love to say about this quote… but so little time to do so at the moment! So many misconceptions about what a Christian life looks like. Christianity breaks chains, it doesn’t put you in them. As soon as I get the chance, I’ll make sure to blog about the life and liberty found in living life fully fearing and fully submitted to the Lord!

But until then…
I’ll see ya when I see ya!



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