A Compilation

And how about one more late posting for good measure?
This was intended to be published in July.

It’s a “Christmas Miracle”…. It’s finally getting posted! 😉

I’m home… and I failed miserably at keeping this blog updated. So what is one to do when there’s so much to say and so much laziness to make multiple posts?… a compilation. yes, that’s what’s to do. So here we go…

Kamp. Summer #2. Awesome. Refreshing. Sanctifying. Convicting. Life-Changing.

woah, woah, woah… Now let’s not get carried away, Darbey. Life-changing? Really?

Yes, life-changing, really. Just like the summer before. This summer, again, indeed changed my life. I guess it shouldn’t be called “life-changing”, as much as it should be called “life-style-changing”. Anytime and everytime we are in the Lord’s Presence… we should never leave unchanged. There should be change and sanctification that happens after every prayer, after every church service, after every Bible study, after every mission trip, after every hardship, after every time alone with God, after every summer camp, etc. Why? Because we are in a continual sanctification process until the day God Himself glorifies us together with Himself. We are never done being changed to become more like Him. Every time I bring my life into His presence, my life will be changed. Praise Him for that. I ache thinking about becoming more like yesterday’s Darbey. I REJOICE thinking about becoming more like yesterday, today, and FOREVER’s Jesus.

I wanted to share a little bit of what I learned this summer, but honestly, that would take multiple posts to cover it all.  So instead, here are just two of the ways my life and my life-style have been changed in 8 weeks…

#1. Spirit vs. Flesh

Wowweee wow wow, has this changed my whole perspective. W-A-R. That’s what I like to call it. We are at war. Every day, every hour, every second. Our spirit is warring against our flesh. We are fighting to let the Holy Spirit win out over the desires of our flesh. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s God fighting against the enemy in us… for we know that no one is as powerful as He. God and the devil aren’t even on the same playing field. To put a little glowing guy with a halo on one shoulder and a little red guy with horns on the other would belittle the majesty and supremacy of our God. So do away with that image of war, because HE will win over the enemy, over our flesh, and the evil desires of this world. But the war I DO want you to visualize is inside of us. God has given us His power I just referenced through His Holy Spirit. But He has also given us free will and access to the world and the things of it to fill the desires of our flesh. He has allowed this war, so that we might choose HIM on our own free will so that He may be glorified even more. He’s glorified by us saying, “I recognize my flesh. I recognize that there is nothing good in it, that the devil is quick to attack it and that it’s defenseless against him, and that there are many fleeting desires that it longs to fill. I recognize, Lord, in this moment that my flesh is trying to win. I CHOOSE your Spirit. I CHOOSE you. I CHOOSE to fight.” That is the war we’re fighting every day. That‘s the war we need to be tuning into and fired up about. That’s the war that has eternal value. And it’s not just big things we’re fighting. It’s the small things that seem to go unnoticed until after the deed is done. It’s choosing in the moments where we are starting to feel jealous, afraid, bitter, frustrated, selfish, impatient, etc. to be filled with Jesus instead of Darbey. It’s choosing in the moments where we just want 30 more minutes of sleep to satisfy our flesh, to GET UP by the help of His Spirit and satisfy my thirst for His Word. My flesh will never want to get out of bed for time alone with God, my flesh will never want to get up and go to church, my flesh will never want to stop gossiping, my flesh will never want to confess my sins, my flesh will never want to… you get the point. Do you see where I’m going with this? IT’S NOT US WE’RE CHOOSING. It’s HIM. If we’re not asking the Lord to fill us with His Spirit to overcome the battles we’re not able to win on our own… we’re just asking for our flesh to be overcome by the enemy. The Holy Spirit is unmatched in power. But it’s only as powerful in us, if we seek it, fight for it, and allow it to reign victoriously in these earthen vessels.
The power is there, we just have to fight for it.

#2 There is power in the name of Jesus. So PRAY.

Answered prayers coming to life is one of the most amazing and REAL views of God we’ll ever have in this life. It’s seriously like God saying, “Here I am. This is me.” So when we pray… we must pray boldly & believing. Doubt never saw mountains move. I could tell you prayer after prayer that came to life this summer. Time after time, God took the “impossible” and went immeasurably past just possible. He is able. I’ve learned just how much I need to consciously be in constant communication with God. I depend on it. Prayer is not just for the moments we see our desperate need for Him. It’s also for the moments where we have to cry out, “Lord, WHY am I not seeing my need for you? Help me to see my need.” Prayer is for the misery, the miracles, and the mundane. Prayer is a gift. Have you ever stopped to think what a gift it is that we get to come before our High Priest at a moments notice? It’s crazy. How often do we rush before Him with a list of to-dos. Or even worse, we neglect to even take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with Him. Well Darbey, didn’t you just say we should come before the Lord boldly? Yes, boldly. But also humbly. We should pray humbled because of who we are. And we should pray boldly because of who God is. Don’t mistake boldness for arrogance. Boldness shows confidence in who we are praying to. Don’t mistake humility for insecurity. Rather, humility shows our acknowledgement of God’s greatness. Boldness without humility says we are powerful. Humility without boldness says we are weak. Both are wrong. Both are about US. Prayer is boldness in knowing who God is and the power He holds, coupled with humility in knowing outside of Christ we don’t even deserve the right to come before Him and experience His power. Don’t be afraid to pray BIG and expectantly. He is sooooo much bigger and more able than we often give Him credit for.

Again, those are only two of the many many things I learned this past summer.
I figured they would be valuable to share.
If you are curious as to what God used to teach me these things,
feel free to visit http://www.kanakuk.com/.
Kamp did not sanctify me. GOD DID.


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