A Choice to Be Made

I’m sitting on my screened in back porch, sipping a sweet tea, listening to the melodious chirping of a few birds perched in the trees nearby, all cozied up in my favorite blanket. I just celebrated a friend finishing writing a paper, I completed a 40 minute phone call to two of the most wonderful people in this world (my parents), and am about to go throw in a full load of laundry. I’m thinking, I’m breathing, I’m living, & I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful my God created me and I’m thankful He created this earth… not only for the purpose of glorifying Himself (which is most important), but also because he loves me and simply allows me to enjoy this temporary resting place. He is good. He chose me. He chose you. I don’t have the authority to strip Him of that choice. And pardon me for being blunt, but neither do you.

I am not one whom desires to take part in debating “hot topics”. I don’t enjoy conflict. However, God has placed something on my heart lately. And this evening, as I’m sitting on my screened in back porch, sipping a sweet tea, listening to the melodious chirping of a few birds perched in the trees nearby, all cozied up in my favorite blanket… I got fired up. I’m not saying He asked me to open up a new tab, head to my blog, and start typing… but I’m also not saying that He didn’t ask me to open up a new tab, head to my blog, and start typing. You see, I don’t enjoy conflict and I don’t desire taking part in debating “hot topics”, but I do know the weight of conviction. And I do know the way my heart swells when I’m convicted of something I care about. And I do know what my God has purposed for the people He saved. Simply put… My heart has been urged to share my convictions with you. I care. …about you and the all the rest of my neighbors I am commanded to love. My God has a divine purpose for my life and your life. So, I’m sharing what is important. Because this is important.

In our country, abortion is legal. Therefore, women have the right to choose to terminate their pregnancy. But Biblically speaking, the “right” to choosing an abortion does not mean having an abortion is “right”.

According to God’s Word, abortion is wrong. (Exodus 20:13 – one commandment surrounded my nine others that are equally as important in the eyes of God)

It is. This is what I know. God is right, all the time. He hasn’t made a mistake. Whether you believe in who He is or not… His supremacy is not contingent on your opinion of Him and what He commands. Truth is not contingent on what we humans think and feel. I’m not saying “this is what I believe because I believe God to be true”. I am saying with all the certainty and boldness my 5″4 body has within me… “THIS IS WHAT I KNOW BECAUSE I KNOW GOD TO BE TRUE”.

I don’t believe God has chosen His commandments just to show His dominance. I believe God chose His commandments for two reasons: First, to glorify Himself. Second, because He loves us and wants the best for us. Abortion does not glorify God. It does not honor His creation. It doesn’t even give His creation a chance. Abortion does not reflect the love God has for us. It does not represent the best life that our loving Father can give us. Yes, as I said, abortion is wrong. It goes against God’s law, just like when I, Darbey, go against God’s law by gossiping, idolizing, judging, etc. But not only does abortion go against God’s law… it’s not within God’s loving and purposeful plan for your life or the lives of those you are “supporting”.

I love my neighbors – those I don’t know and those that I do. I love God’s people enough to say that this is wrong and not God’s will. I love God’s people enough to want better for them. I love God’s people enough that I want all His creation to experience the gift of being able to think, breathe, and live just like the gift God has given me… a sinner so in need of God’s love, grace, and redemption.

He chose us. He chose to give us life. He chose to give that baby life. If it’s your choice, please don’t take that gift away. Please. If it’s not your choice to be made… you still have a choice to support it or not. I realize you’re probably thinking “it’s their right to that choice, not mine”… but neighbor, I beg you, help me to love our neighbor. Don’t support this act. That is the choice you can make.

God has given us free will. Each person ultimately makes their own choices. However, just because we have free will on this earth, doesn’t excuse us from the consequences of our choices. Neither does it change what the will of the Lord is. God’s will is God’s will. Our choices are our choices. My flesh is weak and sinful, but by the Holy Spirit my heart strives to align itself with God’s will so that my choices and life honor Him. He’s given life. I won’t take that away.

I have heard countless stories of women who have experienced so much hurt, guilt, shame, and regret because of a choice they were “supported” in making. A choice they felt had to be made because they had no hope and no other option. Sin brings shame. I have sinned and I’ve experienced such shame. But praise my Savior Jesus Christ for His forgiveness. He makes all things new. He gives life and He is able to redeem us from the worst of the worst. I want you to know, God’s grace is enough for you. But I pray we don’t use that as an excuse to choose death for His creation. You may know one of these women I described. You may have been one of these women who have since experienced God’s redemption and forgiveness. You may be one of these women who is at this very moment faced with a choice. You may be an appointment away. Stop. Pray. Hope. Believe. He makes all things new. He gives life and He is able to redeem us from the worst of the worst. Right now. You can choose life right now.

I am not a mother. I have never been pregnant. I know those are shoes I have not yet walked in. I know there are many situations and reasons for an unintended pregnancy. BUT. I also know that there is no situation that God can’t use for good. There is no pit so deep that God’s love can’t reach. It may be dark and it may feel hopeless, but all it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed to reveal what God can do. I am not a judge. I am not throwing stones. These are not my intentions. My intentions are to bring hope. My intentions as a Christian are to love my God and my neighbors as purely and genuinely as Christ Himself loved the Church. The words that I speak are not my own, but the loving commandments of my Father. I share them out of a pure and genuine love and concern for others. Period.

 My plea: Give God’s creation a chance. Give God a chance. He is bigger than any situation, reason, or circumstance a woman may find herself in. He is greater and He is able. You want to make a choice? Choose faith. Choose God. Choose life. Choose to believe that what He says is true, real, and just. Choose to believe He loves you and created that baby with intention and purpose. Choose to be the one who says “Yes, Lord. Not my will, but yours be done”. Choose to put your hope in what God can do with the broken pieces of our lives. Don’t call a clinic. Call upon the name of the Lord.

Oh neighbor, how I love you. I believe in life and I believe you have the choice to claim and fight for it today. Won’t you?

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

“The LORD brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.” 1 Samuel 2:6

“Your laws are always right; help me to understand them so I may live.” Psalm 119:144


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