If you’re confused… start here.

If you’re still confused… Read on.

1. That’s Me. (the one without a babe or babies)
2. I’m okay with the above statement.
3. I couldn’t find a picture of me by myself to insert there.
4. So I went with one that showed who means the most to me.
5. This picture was taken with a ladder, my camera, a self timer,
and pillows ready for an unfortunate mishap.
5. Which means, I shoot. …Pictures. (Not people or wild game like you may think.)
6. If you wanted to look at the precious people I “shoot”, you could click here or here.
7. I just realized I need to take “hey girl” out of my vocabulary.
(People probably think I’m that girl… *face palm*)
8. I often get side tracked and subsequently write down everything I’m thinking.
9. You could say that’s one reason this blog happened.
10. You could also says it’s to check “write a book” off my bucket list.
(Book.. Blog.. I compensated.)
11. My heart is on fire for Jesus, my family, and teaching.
12. I could talk all day about all three topics.
13. My favorite name I have is “Auntie D”, because three
precious babies gave it to me.
13. I’m really, really happy you’re here.


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